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Caryn & Antonio Riley

Creators of the sauces & rubs

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Our products are made from quality ingredients. They are all "gluten free" and lower in sodium compared to similar products. We currently have two BBQ sauces and two rubs:

*Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce - its sweetness is from tomatoes, citrus and brown sugar with a hint of smoke flavor.

*Sweet Heat - has the same sweetness but with kick of heat. A little tingle on the tongue.

*Hot & Spicy – The name speaks for itself. This Rub packs a punch of flavor and heat to any meat, veggie or dish you wish to spice up.

*Smokin Sweet Rub - a traditional BBQ rub but has so many flavors it can be used in everyday cooking.

*All Purpose Rub - This is exactly that. It can be used on all meats and veggies. It's truly a flavor enhancer on any food.

We have a huge following on all social media and currently sell and ship our products all over the US and to a few military installations overseas.

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